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Samstag, 8. Dezember 2012

You know why there is the pug?

In just six days, in order to begin it,
God made the world and everything in it.
And after he rested, he said with a start,
"Whatever shall I do with these leftover parts?"

"When I decided to make creatures to travel two by two
And populate the world, I thought my work was through.
But my order got mixed up somehow I found out with a shock,
All my creatures are completed, but there's parts left in the box!

There's noses and toeses and things that look like roses
And eyes that melt your heart away-You think anyone supposes
There's enough left in the box, that with lots of glue and stuff
Another creature can be made that would be good enough?"

So God summoned Gabriel, who said "Now don't you fret,
Let's stick the parts together and see what we get."
The angels put their aprons on and spread the parts around,
And soon another creature appeared there on the ground.

Four tiny legs stuck on a sausage bod,
A piglet's tail on one end, the other just as odd.
Just a mass of wrinkles where a face should be
And the nose put on inside out-least it looked that way to me.

When God surveyed the results, he said "T'would do no harm
To give this funny little thing an extra dose of charm.
And since the pint sized hearts are gone a lion's heart will do
For this mini creature that thinks she's 6 foot 2."

So now the story has been told and it gives my heart a tug
To learn just how she came to be, this thing we call a Pug.

-author unknown-

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